January 2012 Monthly Announcements


1. Tug Hill Commission 23rd Annual Local Government Conference -  Registration information has been mailed to local officials for the Tug Hill Commission's 23nd Annual Local Government Conference on Thursday, March 29, at JCC, Watertown.  There is wide variety of courses for all elected and appointed officials. Three courses from the NYS Comptroller's Office will focus on the 2% tax cap and how to continue to provide services and stay within the tax cap.  There will also be a session on Understanding and Managing Natural Gas Development on Your Property.  Certificates of attendance will be available at the end of the conference. When sending in your registration forms, please mark the registration form in the lower left corner for the courses you would like to take. This helps in planning for enough seating and adequate handouts available for each session. Early registration fee is $50 and must be postmarked by 3/7/2010, registration is $75 if postmarked by 3/14/2010 and if you pay at the door, the fee is $100. Additional registration forms are available at:

If you have any newly elected or appointed officials, please provide the NOCCOG circuit riders contact information so these new officials will receive future mailings.

2. Property Taxes on Tug Hill Report - We will be providing to the chief elected official in each town and village a copy of this report analyzing taxes on Tug Hill. This study will show how the cost of local services impacts the tax burden of Tug Hill residents. This paper summarizes the issues surrounding increasing real property tax levies and provides preliminary expenditure trend analysis among various units of government and taxing jurisdictions in the Tug Hill Region. The report looks at village, town, county and school district taxes .Several case studies are used to demonstrate how rural communities differ from urban and suburban communities in their funding and expenditure practices. This study is also accessible at the Tug Hill Commission web site -


3. Association of Towns to Hold Training for Newly Elected Officials in Early 2012 -NYS Association of Towns is holding training for newly elected officials on January 4-6, 2012 in Rochester and January 11-13, 2012 in Albany. There is a fee of $200 per person which is payable in advance of the program. This fee covers the cost of tuition, course materials, breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks. To register for this training, go to Association of Towns website at Pre-registration is encouraged to guarantee that space will be available.


4. Local Government Records Management Improvement Grants- Application guidelines and instructions for 2010 New York State Archives Grant are now available online at

Again this year -

              Grant applications will have to be filed electronically except for a few specified parts of the grant that need signatures and have to be mailed.

            The RMO for each municipality will need a user name and password the first time you log into the system.  If you have applied for a grant in the last three years, this information should have been received electronically by your Clerk/Records Management Officer.

The Utica office is still open but there is no secretary in the office. RAO Kent Stuetz will be calling to check for messages. Also if you are interested in applying for a 2012 NYS Archives grant, you need to contact the Region 5, RAO, Kent Stuetz to set up an appointment to discuss the project ASAP. Grants are due 2/1/12.    Kent can be reached by email at   or by cell phone at 315-542-5909 Communities interested in applying for a Records Management Grant should contact their circuit rider and Carla Malmgren at the Commission office at 1-888-785-2380.


5.  Local Government Efficiency Grant Program -Applications are now available for the 2011-2012 Local Government Efficiency Grant Program and the Local Government Citizens Reorganization Empowerment Grant Program. Local Government Efficiency Grants are competitive grants to local governments that help reduce municipal expenses and property taxes by helping local government entities plan for and implement new service delivery efficiencies. Under the Local Government Efficiency Grant program local governments may apply for

         Planning assistance for a local government consolidation or dissolution, a functional consolidation, a city or county charter revision that includes     functional consolidation, shared or cooperative services, and regionalized delivery of services.

        Implementation assistance for a local government consolidation or dissolution, a functional consolidation, a city or county charter revision that includes functional consolidation, shared or cooperative services, and regionalized delivery of services; or

       Planning and Implementation assistance for a local government consolidation or dissolution, a functional consolidation, a city or county charter revision that includes functional consolidation, shared or cooperative services, and regionalized delivery


Municipalities can receive a maximum of $200,000 in cumulative funding, which includes up to $25,000 for planning. Applications must demonstrate an examination of financial savings, return on public investment, and management improvements resulting from project implementation. Applicants are required to provide matching funds equal to 10% of total project costs. All grants are reimbursement grants. In order to receive full funding, the awardees must demonstrate that the project has received all appropriate public consideration, including mandatory or permissive referenda where required

The Local Government Citizens Reorganization Empowerment Grant is a noncompetitive grant that provides funding to study, plan for and/or implement the restructuring of local governments subject to General Municipal Law Article 17-A. The goal of the Local Government Citizens Reorganization Empowerment Grant Program is to reduce municipal expenses and property taxes through government re-organization or alternative actions if reorganization is not a feasible or desirable option, or will not reduce expenses. Eligible local governments are villages, towns and special districts.

The submission deadline for the Local Government Efficiency Grant is 4:00 p.m. on March 21, 2012. Deadlines for the Local Government Citizens Reorganization Empowerment Grant are 4:00 p.m. on first Wednesday of each month except for January, where the deadline is the first Thursday. Questions about the grant program should be directed to the LGE Program Manager, as indicated in the application instructions.

If you need assistance with scoping out a potential project or working through the application, please call the Commission.


6. Informational Meeting on Natural Gas Drilling Planned- The issue of hyrdofracking and natural gas exploration and extraction continues to be a hot topic in Oneida County.  Several NOCCOG towns have already passed moratoriums to give themselves time to further study the issue. A group of Oneida County Legislators went to Pennsylvania in December to speak with local officials, land owners and representative from gas companies to see first hand how the process works and to hear about the pros and cons. The Town of Lee plans to host an informational meeting with Chesapeake Energy to learn more about hyrdofracking and how it is done. The possible benefits for local governments and landowners will also be discussed.  A presentation by Chesapeake Energy officials with time for questions is planned.  Arrangements are underway to schedule the presentation in January or February at the Lee Town Hall as final plans are made, we will share them with local officials.


7. Open Enrollment for Ag Districts - Oneida County has designated January to be Open Enrollment for persons applying to be included in an agricultural district.  According to Dept. of Ag & Markets regulations, a county must select a 30 day period in which a landowner can submit a request for inclusion of any viable agricultural land in an already established Agricultural District. Oneida County has designated the month of January, with applications being accepted until January 31, 2012. Persons wishing to submit an application should pick up forms at their Town Clerk's Office, complete the forms, and return them to the Oneida County Planning Department, Union Station, 321 Main Street, Utica, NY  13501 postmarked by January 31, 2012.


8.  NOCCOG Annual Dues. - The vouchers for the NOCCOG 2012 yearly dues for $1,000 were mailed to supervisor & mayors on January 3, 2012.  The NOCCOG Executive Board and staff thank you for your continued support and looks forward to another year of shared accomplishments.


Email addresses: or

                        &  smartin47@roadrunner.comm Growth Briefing



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